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Few places in the world can compete its wilderness, tranquillity and mystery. They offer you adventure, the thrill of wild life safaris and tiger trekking on elephants. At the same time they also offer you beautiful views of the forests, mountains, deep gorges and rivers that leave you spellbound. Silence here speaks louder than words.. not to your ears, but to your heart.

Jungle Safari
Regular jungle safaris run by the eco tourism development committee take you into the heart of the Satpura forests. Sightings of wild life are common and offer great opportunity for photographers. Separate fee is charged for the still and video cameras by the forest department. The Safari is on chargeable basis and the charges range between Rs.600 to Rs.1600 depending on the length of your trip.
Elephant Safari
Elephant safaris in the dense Satpura jungle give you a rare experience of a lifetime. The thrill of exploring the forest trekking the tiger in dense areas are thrilling to say the least. The chances of rare wild life sightings are very high as the elephant can walk deep within the forest with almost complete silence, at times so close to the wild life that it will send shivers up your spine.
Backwater Rides
Motorboats available from the eco tourism development committee in Madhai take you on back water rides on chargeable basis. Sighting of wild life and migratory birds is very good and gives you great photo opportunites.
Bird Watching
Our nature guide will take you to the edge of the river Denwa and help you identify some of the rarest of migratory bird species that flock the waters just in front of our resort. In fact, you can sit in your balcony reading a book on water birds, and at the same time sight them through a binocular. The guide can also take you to the adjacent forests and help you identify and click more birds.
Village Tours
Located in the tribal forest village of Sarangpur, Madhai Wild Life Resort offers you a unique opportunity to experience and photograph the tribal lifestyle of the Satpuras. Our guides will take you to their fields, plantations and homes, help you talk to them, understand their faith and art, and hear tales of the forest from those who once lived in it